We believe that education is an important pillar for the advancement of our people. That is why we invest in initiatives and programs that offer tools that enable children, youth and adults to fully develop their human capacities through non-traditional projects. 

  • Operación Exito

    Operación Exito (OE) is an interactive technological tool that promotes academic excellence of students in middle and high school, especially in the public education system. It focuses on the science curriculum (physics, chemistry and biology) and aims to motivate students to learn and improve their academic performance. Popular supports this project since its inception in 2005. 
  • Mauro

    Mauro Company, Inc. offers theater workshops for students, which conclude with the presentation of a play in a Santurce-area theater along with the participation of renowned actors. Our contribution to Mauro Company, Inc. provides an unforgettable experience for children in the following public schools in the Luis Lloréns Torres housing project: Luis Rodriguez Cabrero, Luis Munoz Rivera School and the Republic of Peru.
  • Pro Symphony Orchestra Association

    We contribute funds to the Sanromá Scholarship offered to members of the Symphony Orchestra. Candidates must meet certain requirements and, once chosen, must continue to play the next two years celebration of the receipt of scholarship awards.
  • Leadership Congress

    The Congress provides a unique experience on the professional, corporate and business world for outstanding high school students and adult alumni, academics and professionals to prepare them for life and work. Our participation in the Leadership Congress includes a representative of Popular in the various sessions that take place throughout the year, to share banking knowledge and financial planning with the best student leaders. 
  • Populoso

    Populoso visits schools and communities to teach our children about the importance of saving to build a better future.  If you wish to have Populoso participate in a community or school event, send your request in writing three months in advance  to: 
    -Fax: 787-754-9436

    Applications must include the following:
    - Name of the applicant organization
    - Purpose of the activity
    - Date and time
    - Location of the activity
    - Number of children
    - Name and telephone number of contact person to coordinate the visit