Foreclosed Homes

These are the only residential properties for sale. There are some properties in the process of foreclosure and until we are not the title owner we may not offer any information regarding these properties. The information provided does not guarantee any offer or sale of the property. Likewise, the information provided is not final and is subject to variation and/or correction.

The sales price may vary until final approval. The Bank sells these properties directly or with a previously approved Real Estate Broker.

For more information regarding residential properties, apartments or land, you may call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at (787) 706-6102, (787) 706-6103 or send a fax at (787) 706-6117 or e-mail us at

If you are interested in any commercial properties you may call at (787) 765-9853.

Mortgage Loans Division- Real Estate Owned
Altamira Popular Center
#1901 Ave. Jesús T. Piñero Int.
Ave. Martínez Nadal (PR 20)
Guaynabo, PR

EST – The sales price is pending or an estimate and will be revised upon receiving the appraisal report