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Get to know the steps we take to protect you from fraud.

Your security is important to us.

We are constantly developing new functionalities within our products in order to keep you safe.  Here you can learn how we protect you from fraud and tips on how you can protect yourself.


Learn how we protect your cards with the most advanced technologies in the market.


We are constantly monitoring activity on your checking and savings accounts to prevent unauthorized transactions. Visit the accounts section to learn more.


Learn some of the most common fraud techniques in emails and how to prevent them.


Every time you access Mi Banco Online, you are safe! We have services that guarantee your privacy.


With Mi Banco Online features we keep you safe. Also, learn more about the types of fraud in mobile.


Learn about ATM security and tips on what to do to stay protected.

Want to know more about how to prevent fraud?

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Fraud prevention best practices

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