We know that recurring to our parents or mentors for financial advice is the easiest way out, and it barely requires time… whatever they say, we do. However, there will come a time where we can no longer depend on others and we’ll need to make decisions on our own.

That’s why we want to help and prepare you for your independence. We’re not saying not to do your research with your parents, mentors, friends, and family, but to do it confidently. We created this section to help you satisfy your needs.


Aside from guiding you to make better financial decisions, we give you tips and information that will help you in your transition to independence.


Don’t know how to enter the bank world?

Learn the essentials of bank accounts. Having a bank account allows you to manage your money, save, and pay your debts.

Need money and don’t know what to do?

Learn about your options and the importance of credit in your life. You’ll understand why having a good credit can open the doors to many opportunities.

How can you manage your money efficiently?

Our service offering can help you control your spending, facilitate payments using your mobile phone, create a budget and keep up to date with your finances so you don’t have to stretch your dollar at the end of every the month.

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