Visa Novel Ideal

One account, two complementary cards that help you control spending.

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  • Two cards, a credit card and a charge card, in one account.
  • One account statement
  • One monthly payment
  • One credit line
  • With the credit card you pay in easy monthly installments while with the charge card you pay in full monthly in order to avoid paying interest.


  • $0 annual fee. 1
  • Credit lines up to $50,000. 



  • Customer Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year.
  • Pay your bills with your credit card, by using our Internet Banking service or by calling TeleBanco Popular® .
  • Obtain cash from local and international ATM machines.


Travel Insurance and Services

  • Worldwide Car Rental Insurance FREE. 2
  • Travel Accident Insurance FREE coverage up to $250,000. 2
  • Emergency Travel Assistance.
  • Card Replacement.


Shopping Insurance and Services

  • 100% protection against unauthorized charges.
  • Verified by Visa gives you additional security while shopping through the Internet at participating web sites by using a special password that confirms your identity.
  • Optional credit protection insurance Chargegard Plus your credit is protected in case of an unexpected event where your income is at risk. 3


Benefit Programs
With the Visa Novel Ideal account you can choose an optional rewards program.

  • PREMIA®4  - When you register in the PREMIA® program, you will earn 1 point for every $1 you purchase with your card. You will also earn points for other products and services you use or acquire from Popular. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Additional information: Subject to credit approval. The APR is variable and may change. The APR applicable for purchases, balance transfers from other institutions and convenience checks from 10.99% up to 23.99%. The APR applicable to cash advances will be from 18.24% up to 23.99%. The APR will be determined by adding the value of the United States Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal plus a margin. The APR will vary and depend on your credit score and the prime rate applicable at the time your application is evaluated. Late payment charges up to $35. Returned check fee up to $10. Regular charge for cash advances, balance transfers and convenience checks: 2% of the amount: $2 minimum, $10 maximum. Grace period from 25 days for purchases. Balances is calculated based on the average daily balance (including new purchases).


Subject to the terms and conditions of the policies. For more information call (787) 758-0505 or 1-800-981-9505. Insurance benefits apply when transacion is paid in full with your card.


Chargegard Plus is an optional insurance that may be canceled at any time. Banco Popular will not condition your credit transaction to the purchase of this insurance or your agreement not to obtain an insurance from a non affiliates entity. The Bank will not reject an insurance presented by you related to your credit transaction as long as said insurance complies with the requirements and standards related to the coverage, financial capacity and service provided by the insurer. Insurance products are not a deposit or other obligation of nor are they guaranteed by, the Bank or its affiliates; they are not insured by the FDIC or any other US agency, the Bank or its affiliates. Certain age limitations and other conditions and exclusions apply. For more information call Caribbean American Life Assurance Company at 787-250-1199.


Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the PREMIA® program. Not available in Virgin Island.