Cash Management Services

Account Analysis

Account Analysis is an invoice tool where the client can obtain a detail of the services and products rendered by Banco Popular during the month. Account Analysis allows commercial clients to obtain credit on their available checking account balances to compensate for the services rendered by Banco Popular. The monthly analysis statement shows the calculation for credit earned on balances and service charges, and provides detailed information about the services rendered.

Concentration Account

The Concentration Account serves as a centralized pool of funds. All company cash inflows, such as deposits, wire transfers, maturing investments, etc., are credited to the Concentration Account. Disbursements are drawn from Zero Balance Accounts. These accounts maintain a daily balance of zero, and are solely used for disbursing funds. Funds to cover disbursements are transferred from the Concentration Account to the Zero Balance accounts on a daily basis. Funds can be invested overnight while checks are in transit.


  • Reliable: Totally automated account structure
  • Convenient: Improves the availability of funds for short-term investments
  • Simple: Reduces efforts of monitoring individual accounts

Cash and Disbursement Concentration Account

Through the Automatic Clearing House (ACH) network, your company may collect funds from external locations or transfer funds from Banco Popular to any participating institution in the network. With the concentration and disbursement service, you expedite cash availability and identify available funds for short term investments.

Wire Transfers

Transfer funds or make payments to any country safely and effectively. The money will be available to the beneficiary the same day the transaction is made.


Other Cash Management services that will help you simplify your administrative tasks:

  • Popular Express PaymentSM
  • Electronic Collection Services
  • Account Reconciliation Services