Personal Loans

Whether you're consolidating debt, repairing your car, going on vacation or considering any other major purchase, get the money you need with a Banco Popular Personal Loan1.

Enjoy the money you need now and start paying after 90 days.2

Unsecured Personal Loan

Go on vacation, consolidate your debt or repair your car; get the money you need without collateral.

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Real State Guaranteed Personal Loan

Make those home improvements you are wishing for; get the money you need at an excellent interest rate, using real estate as collateral.

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Cash Collateral Personal Loan

Pay education cost, debts and vacations while your saving remain intact; use your savings as collateral.

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Taxi Medallion Loan

Banco Popular grants loans secured by a taxi medallion already owned or being financed.


Subject to credit approval.


You have the option of making your first payment up to 90 days after your disbursement. This does not constitute an exemption of accumulated interest during this 90-day period.