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Information needed when applying

To fill out the auto financing application you will need:

  • Social Security Number.
  • Information about your income.
  • Telephone number of your current employer (if you have been working there for less than 6 months you will need the telephone number of our last employer).
  • An email address to send you information about your application.

If you are going to apply with another person (co-applicant) you will need the following information about your co-applicant:

  • Name and last names.
  • Social Security number.
  • Information about your income.
  • Name and telephone of current employer (if your co-applicant has been working there for less than 6 months your will need the name and telephone of the previous employer).
  • Date of Birth.
  • Physical and Mailing Address.
  • Contact telephone numbers.

Terms and conditions

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  • I confirm I have reviewed Popular’s Privacy Policy, as specified here
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  • I agree with the Electronic Banking Services Agreement, as specified here
You must agree the previous key points to continue.
If you have any questions, call us at 787.294.2568
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Borrower Personal Information

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Include the email address where you want to be contacted about your application:

Your email will be used to send you information about your application.

Address Details

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Income details

Previous Employment (when less than 2 years)

Other Income
If you have other incomes, complete the form presented. You are not required to provide information regarding alimony, child support or separate maintenance income if you do not want to be considered for the repayment of this obligation.

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Financing details

Vehicle Information

Your credit application has been received and registered.

Thank you for using our digital tool to apply for your auto financing with Popular Auto.

In the next few days you will receive a response from the dealer to complete the purchase process.

For information regarding the purchase of the car, contact the dealer. If you need additional information related to the financing with Popular Auto, you may call us at 787.294.2568, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. One of our representatives will be glad to assist you.

We appreciate your trust and reiterate our commitment to providing the excellent service you deserve.