Why are you thinking of establishing your own business?

Maybe you see what others do not see, and you would like to commercialize your unique idea,  you’re tired of working for others, or perhaps you are one of the thousands who have lost their jobs in the past months and have decided that now is the time to carve your own future.

For whatever reason, the new entrepreneur should know that establishing a business requires total commitment and many sacrifices, not only financial, but also in terms of personal and family time.

For those who are taking the step from being an employee to being their own boss, the daily routine of performing one or two tasks is transformed into one of multiple responsibilities towards their business, their employees, their customers, their suppliers and all the support network that surrounds their enterprise.

Therefore, it is important that before you embark on a new business, you make an accurate self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses to make sure you have the required passion for success. Your business will be not only the source of financial support for you and your family: it will be a lifestyle to be enjoyed at its fullest.

Just as you started developing your business vision, the decision of starting a new business is not something to be taken lightly.  The information that follows will help you determine if this is the right moment for you to enter that world.

Should I start my own business?

You wouldn’t run in a marathon race without making sure that your legs are in optimal condition and that you have the necessary strength and stamina to make it to the finish line.

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How to exploit your strengths and weaknesses

"Know thy self" means recognizing that we have some good qualities or skills and accepting that there is room for improvement in other areas.

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Changes in the social and family life of a budding entrepreneur

Achieving a healthy balance between work and family is not always an easy task and starting a new company can further affect this balance.

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