BPPR has the most advanced collection and receivable services on the Island; from our more than 175 branch locations to our Electronic Processing Services. Our new technology allows you to make deposits from your desktop, expedite your collection process and receive faster deposits. Our lockbox service and image technology will simplify internal collection efforts. Cash depositing and ordering services are managed in our Central Vault.

Retail and Wholesale Lockbox – Clients remit payments directly to a post office box for processing and deposit. BPPR makes pickups twice a day to ensure payments are processed and information is available to you as quickly as possible.

Payment Station - Allows clients to pay your invoices in any of our branches.

Pay-by-Phone - Allows clients to pay your invoices through our BPPR’s VRU.

Popular.com - Allows clients to pay your invoices through our web page.

Remote Deposit - Instead of bringing checks to the bank, just scan them and the image of the check is captured and immediately transmitted to BPPR.

Checkout Service – An electronic debit and credit card processing system that allows clients to make purchases on your website and provides the business owner a secure, efficient system for accepting online payments.

Call Center Pay –We provide services that allow you to process your clients’ payments by phone. The service provides you with a web page where your customer representatives can collect your clients’ payments online.

Interactive Kiosks – Allows your clients to make self service payments in your stores. It accepts credit cards, debit cards, cash and checks.

VRU – Through your Company’s VRU, it allows payment authorization.

Merchant Services (Point of Sale) - Allows businesses to accept debit or credit card payments via a wireless terminal at the point of sale.

ACH - Enjoy the convenience of collecting from your customers electronically through Direct Collection.Banco Popular electronically debits your customer's accounts at any financial institution that participates in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network and credits your Banco Popular account for the total of the payments. Consent by both parties and a written authorization from your customer are required.

Cash Vault - Popular Inc. administers its own vault; no third party is involved in the vault operation. The vault unit manages Popular Inc.’s own currency vault and also has the administration of the Federal Reserve Bank coin terminal in Puerto Rico. From this site we distribute currency to all BPPR branches, ATMs and customers, and coins to all financial institutions in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The main responsibility is the receiving and processing commercial deposits from our customers, via armored car companies.

Night Deposits – The Night Depository Service allows you to make deposits at any of our 175 branches during and after banking hours using deposit bags. If the bag is received before 4:30PM you will have same day credit.

Payment Station - Payment Station is the service that allows your clients to bay their monthly invoice in any of our branches. This service requires an OCR line within the coupon to be accepted by our branch scanners.

PER - Like Payment Station, PER will allow your clients to make payments in additional locations such as drug stores, Credit Unions, among others.

Lockbox & Image Lockbox - All checks handled in your office can be sent directly to our facility to be processed, deposited and included in the daily payment file along with the Lockbox payments that are received via mail. With Image Lockbox your Company can view all invoices and checks images through an Internet based site.

Call Center Pay - Your Company's customer service representatives can accept ACH (check) and credit card payments through the phone with Call Center Pay. This tool will maximize your call center effectiveness either receiving payment calls or generating past due collection efforts.

Multi Merchant Pay - This service will enable your clients to make payments through your Company's web site. Accepted payments are ACH (checks), ATH, V/MC.