Collection and disbursement tools

to improve your efficiency.


Web Cash Manager is an information tool that allows you to access your business accounts and process bank transactions online.


  • 24/7 online access to business accounts.
  • Provides real-time business account balances and transaction detail information.
  • View online images of your paid checks (front and back).
  • Export balance and transaction information in BAI2 format or to your current business programs.
  • Transfer funds between business accounts and enjoy immediate access.
  • Make company payroll, tax, supplier, and utility payments online.
  • Obtain special reports on other commercial services you may have with Banco Popular.
  • Make wire transfers in USD and foreign currencies.
  • Make stop payment instructions.
  • Issue letters of credit.
  • Monitor and respond to exceptions to Positive Pay Service.
  • E-mail files for issued checks.

In addition to security and reliability, this system:

  • Allows you to assign users and multiple levels of user access.
  • Uses secret access codes and encrypted data to reduce exposure to fraud.
  • Automatically disconnects after 20 minutes of inactivity to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Stores all your account information on Banco Popular’s server for a period of 120 days.