Commercial Property



  • Protect your company vehicles in case of accidents
  • You can insure the machinery you use every day in case of damages
  • We insure property that travels through land or as cargo in a ship
  • You can receive compensation in case of business interruption due to an act of nature

As your business grows, so does your risks. Your commercial property is the hub of your business.

For us, your commercial property is more than just the physical structure of your company; it is all of the elements that allow it to prosper, from the machinery you use, to the assets you transport through land or sea. We have insurance available for every area of your business.

We also offer a Business Interruption policy. This policy compensates the loss of income your company may suffer in case of business interruption due to an act of nature.

Tailored insurance

We cover all your business insurance needs. Learn more about your options.

Commercial Auto

If you have vehicles used exclusively for business purposes, this policy will protect those vehicles and also damages to third parties for whom you are legally liable.

Commercial Property

This policy protects your commercial property against fire, hurricane and earthquake, including building structure, content and inventory.

Commercial Property Machinery

If you use special machinery in your business, this policy will protect it against damages or costly repairs. This protection covers business’ equipment and machineries from damages and malfunctions. It can be extended to your refrigeration equipment, air conditioning units, and certain types of motors, pumps, transformers, compressors, and electric motors, among others.

Inland Marine

If you are constantly moving goods over land, such as inventory and equipment, this policy protects them against any damages they may suffer during transportation.

Ocean Marine

This policy covers cargo that is being shipped, such as inventory, against damages that it may suffer during transportation.

Business Interruption

If a natural disaster occurs, it’s possible that you will not be able to operate immediately as before. This policy will compensate you for lost income during the period on which your business operations were interrupted and those additional expenses incurred to continue operations.


Popular Risk Services offers you all types of bonds to help you manage your business operations. These are some of the bonds that we can help you obtain:

  • Bid, payment and performance bonds
  • License and permit bonds: collection agencies, real estate agencies, travel agencies, employment insurance, etc.
  • Judicial bonds
  • Miscellaneous bonds
  • Employee fidelity bonds to protect yourself against the actions of a disloyal employee

Insurance products are not deposits, are not insured by the FDIC or any other Federal Government Agency, are not guaranteed by the Bank and may lose value.