Access information on balances and transactions in real time via the Internet.


Mi Banco Comercial

Learn all the things you can do with Mi Banco Comercial to optimize the finance management of your b...

With Mi Banco Comercial1 you can:

  • Transfer funds between Popular accounts.
  • Access images of your checks (front and back).
  • Originate and cancel stop payments.
  • Process your payroll payments and supplier payments out electronically2.
  • Process electronic payments for your business, such as water, electricity, telephone, cellular phones, and others.
  • Mobile Easy Deposit3 service lets you make deposits 24 hours a day.
  • Protect your account against fraudulent checks4.
  • Export your transactions to QuickBooks®5.
  • Receive confirmations by e-mail or text message about your balances, payments and transfers6.

With Mi Banco Mobile you can:

Access your accounts online 24/7, pay, transfer, deposit and more7.