Online Services1 Comparison Table

Mi Banco Comercial and Web Cash Manager provide access to your commercial accounts via the Internet in real time.

Additionally, both services allow you to transfer funds among Banco Popular accounts.

Services Mi Banco Comercial Web Cash Manager℠
See real-time information on balances and transactions via the Internet 24/7
Originate and cancel stop payments
Make electronic payments such as payroll, suppliers, electricity, water, phone, cable TV, and many others.2
Transfer funds between Banco Popular accounts
Export transactions to QuickBooks®.3
Connect through smartphones and tablets and receive alerts and confirmations of payments, transfers and balances via email or text messages.4  
Access your business account statement for the last 18 state cycles.  
Generate income and expense charts to have more control of your business finances.  
Receive invoices from different merchants through eBills.  
Make deposits from smart phones (Mobile Easy Deposit) 5  
Process tax payments and accept electronic payments from clients or suppliers.  
Register users and program different levels of access.  
Generate special reports with balance information, transactions, POS, and others.  
Make wire transfers to the United States or other countries in local or foreign currency  

We give you more options to save time in your business.

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