Manage your payments online

The Web Cash ManagerSM ACH2 Module provides an alternative for making electronic payments to employees and companies.

  • Process payments effective the same day or future to the date you indicate for any financial institution that is a member of the “Automated Clearing House” (ACH) network.
  • Import information to create a database.
  • Minimize the risk of loss or theft.
  • Program your users’ levels of access and use a token to authenticate users for greater security.
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Send money or make payments to any country securely and effectively

With the Web Cash ManagerSM Wire Transfers Module2, you can send money to the U.S. or other foreign countries, in U.S. dollars or foreign currency through an electronic transfer of funds via the Internet.

  • Secure transactions, helping you control the movement of your money.
  • Program your users’ levels of access and use a token to authenticate users for a secure process.
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Pay your employee payroll and supplier payments

Business Payments3 makes it easier to pay your payroll and supplier payments, letting you make payments from any computer or smartphone with access to the Internet 24/7 through the Mi Banco Comercial service4.

  • Make payroll payments to employees and supplier payments with accounts at any financial institution.
  • Process fixed, variable or future payments on the date you specify.
  • Authentication with a unique code for greater security in your transactions.
  • Obtain confirmation of the payroll payments in the payroll receipts section.
  • Reduce fraud in check transactions.
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Do you generate a high volume of payments?

E-Payables5 provides a site on the Internet where you can import information from your accounting system to make payments to your suppliers, either through direct deposit or by check.

  • Reduce operational costs and fraud risk.
  • Ease the account reconciliation process.
  • Make payments to suppliers at any financial institution that is part of the ACH network.
  • The supplier can access a site on the Internet to obtain information related to the payment.
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Do you have employees who don’t have a bank account?

Acceso Directo6 is a payroll card for employees who don’t have a bank account, and it allows you to send them their payroll wages and other payments electronically.

  • It offers your employees an ATH® debit card with 24/7 access to their money. They’ll be able to withdraw cash at automated teller machines and make purchases at participating merchants.7
  • They’ll be able to see their balance and make payments free of charge through TeleBanco Popular and Mi Banco.8
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