Make payroll and supplier payments easier 24/7 with Popular Business Solutions1

Manage your payments online and reduce fraud in check transactions

Business Payments2 of Mi Banco Comercial3

For customers who have FlexiCuenta de Negocios® and B-Smart® accounts with an activated ATH® card. 

  • Make payroll payments to employees and supplier payments with accounts at any financial institution from any computer or smartphone with access to the Internet 24/7.
  • Process fixed, variable or future payments on the date you specify.
  • Authentication with a unique code for greater security in your transactions.
  • Obtain confirmation of your payments in Business Payments Receipts section.

To begin enjoying the Business Payments service:

Sign in to the platform (desktop version) and visit the Commercial Services section. If you are not enrolled in Mi Banco Comercial, you can  register now to benefit from the Business Payments service.

ACH Module4 of Web Cash Manager℠ 5

For customers who have commercial accounts with or without an activated ATH® card.

  • Make payroll payments to employees, suppliers and taxes.
  • Process variable or fixed payments on the same day6 or the date you specify and with any financial institution in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.
  • Import information to create a database.
  • Program your users’ levels of access and use a token to authenticate users for greater security.

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