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Access your business accounts 24/7

Verify balances and transactions 24/7 in real time via the Internet. You can also make stop payments, transfers between accounts, electronic payments for payroll, to suppliers and/or utilities.

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Streamline payroll and suppliers payments via Internet

Manage the payroll process and suppliers payments, from any computer or smartphone with Internet access 24/7 through the service of Mi Banco Comercial.

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Diversify your collections options

Give your customers more options to pay by credit or debit card, by installing a point-of-sale2 (POS) system. Choose the one that fits your business.

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Protect your account from fraudulent debits

Establish protective controls and reduce the possibility of losses in your accounts.

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Simplify the management of checks and deposits

Access at any time the images of checks and deposit slips through the Internet.

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