Credit card transactions

Your business is important to you, your customers, and Banco Popular. It’s essential that you take preventive measures to protect it. Discover how you can make your business more secure.


When processing card payments

Take the following precautions when handling payments by credit cards:

  • Don’t accept cards without the customer’s signature on the back.
  • Be sure that the name on the card is the same as the one on the photo ID you should ask the customer for.
  • Avoid making manual transactions.

Regardless of the payment method installed in your business, if you accept credit or debit cards, the systems should meet the PCI Security Standards Council standards. These are a series of essential requirements that verify the information on credit cards when they are used in a business establishment. Do a self-evaluation of your cash registers, software system, and processor to ensure that your systems meet the PCI requirements.

You should identify and authenticate the access to the POS system, and encrypt the transmission of your customers’ card information when you process transactions via open communications networks. When the provider installs the system, remember to change the passwords immediately.

When acquiring a commercial credit card for your business

Keep an updated list of the employees who have company credit cards as well as information regarding their authorization level and transaction history. Also, educate your employees on the proper use of the company’s credit cards and the internal controls put in place to manage them.

If you or an employee loses their company credit card, call us immediately at 787.724.3650.

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