Starting Out


The groundwork has been laid for your business opening. This is a stage of discovery and adjustments during which the new businessperson needs much help and support while all the pieces of the new enterprise fall in place.

Advertising and promoting your business to attract customers is an important part of this phase, as is the management of the economic resources. Profits during the first days, weeks and months will be modest as clients begin knocking at your door.

This is the time to oversee the new employees to make sure that they are sufficiently trained and meet the expectations you have set for your business.

In this section we will provide guidance on this and other topics ―concerning work, technology and marketing―that may help you better survive the hectic initial leg of your business. 

Selecting the best personnel for your enterprise

Employees of a company are its main representatives. They are its image, its projection to the public and potential consumers; hence the importance of choosing the best candidates to fill available positions.

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How to promote your business without spending much

Your company may offer the best product or service in the world, but if your potential customers do not know about it, the business will not last for a long time.

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10 technological applications to manage your business

Every day new applications emerge on the internet and mobile phones, gadgets and computer programs designed to make life easier (and economical) for entrepreneurs.

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