Rules: Popular 2021 Calendar Photo Contest

  1. The Popular 2021 Calendar Photo Contest ("Contest") starts on Monday, June 8, 2020 and ends on Friday, August 14, 2020.
  2. The Contest is promoted by Popular, Inc. (“Popular”); mail address: División de Mercadeo (729), PO Box 362708, San Juan, PR 00936-2708 and physical/digital address: División de Mercadeo, Piso 7, Ave. Ponce de León #209, Hato Rey, PR 00918 and/or
  3. All residents of Puerto Rico who are 18 years old or older are welcome to participate in their individual capacity. Employees of Popular, its subsidiaries, publicity agencies, and/or affiliates may also participate, provided that they have not worked and/or participated in any of the stages of the contest ("participants").
  4. Participation in the Contest is voluntary and does not entail monetary compensation for the participants.
  5. Thirteen winners will be selected. Winners will be given the opportunity and possibility to have their names, together with their submitted photos, included in the 2021 Calendar. Moreover, each winner will receive an ATH® card valued at $500.
  6. The Contest aims to capture the colors of Puerto Rico through cultural and landscape images.

    The Contest will be divided into three stages:
    1. Call for entries - June 8, 2020 to July 3, 2020
    2. Poll - July 20, 2020 to August 7, 2020
    3. Selection of winners - August 10, 2020 to August 14, 2020

    In the first stage, the Call for entries period, participants must visit to sign up and submit their photos. Each participant can only register once and submit a maximum of 2 photos per entry, but only 1 photo may win.

    In the second stage of the Contest, the Poll period, a jury chosen by Popular will select 30 finalists. The photos of these finalists will be published on Facebook and Instagram so the public may vote for their favorites. On Facebook, you may vote by using likes writing comments and by sharing the post (album), which will contain the photos of the 30 finalists. On Instagram, 3 albums will be uploaded (each containing 10 photos) and you may vote by writing comments that include the name of the participant who submitted your favorite photo.

    In the third stage of the Contest, the Selection of winners period, the judging panel chosen by Popular will evaluate the participants' photos and will select 13 winners. The selected photos may be included in Popular's 2021 Calendar. The judging panel will award the final score in the following manner:
    • 20%: the sum of likes, comments and shares in the photos published during the second stage
    • 30%: relation to the topic of the 2021 Calendar (to capture the colors of Puerto Rico through cultural and landscape images/photos)
    • 50%: photographic composition
  7. Participants must provide their photos to Popular with the following specifications:
    • Color photo (full color)
    • Landscape orientation
    • Optimum size: 2,590 x 1,920 pixels
    • 300 dpi (optimum)
    • *NOTE: We do not accept digitally altered photos.
  8. By submitting their materials through, each participant declares and guarantees:
    1. That each photo was shot by and is property of the participant, and may present evidence thereof.
    2. If any of the submitted photos include the image of a person, the participant must provide said person's release for Popular to use said photos for the purposes indicated in subsection g hereunder. If the photo is of a minor, a release from the subject's parent or legal guardian will be required.
    3. That the submitted photos have not been published before in any media, such as press, TV, fliers, and digital media (online or social).
    4. That the pictures do not violate any privacy rights, license agreements, contracts, or any copyright agreements of third parties or entities.
    5. That materials do not contain or promote any conduct that could be considered criminal.
    6. Participants under 21 years of age are understood to have the consent of their parents or legal guardian to participate in this Contest.
    7. If selected as one of the winners, the participant's name and submitted photo will be used for publicity and promotional purposes, such as press, TV, fliers, digital media (online and social), and internal media owned by Popular, among others, in any part of the world and for unlimited time, without any additional compensation.
  9. Winners will be notified by phone or email, and will be required:
    1. To email, if necessary, their original photo (without alteration).
    2. To present a copy of their current driver's license or of any other valid ID.
    3. To sign a Liability Waiver where they certify ownership of the submitted pictures, that they surrender their rights to all photos, and release Popular from any damage or claim caused by their participation in the Contest. Signature of the Waiver will not entail that the participant's photo will be included in the 2021 Calendar. If the participant is under 21 years of age, this Waiver must be signed by the parents or legal guardian with legal custody.
  10. No purchase or payments are needed to participate for the opportunity and possibility of your photo being selected as part of Popular's 2021 Calendar. Participation in the Contest is voluntary.
  11. Popular reserves the right to determine the eligibility and legitimacy of participants and may reject them if they do not meet the Contest's criteria and other requirements as determined by Popular, even after being selected as winners. The promoter reserves the unilateral right to modify the rules or dates of the Contest, when deemed necessary.
  12. Taxes, levies, contributions, or any other related cost that could encumber the prize do not apply.
  13. Any attempt to infringe upon any of the Contest rules to participate or to provide false information with the intent of committing fraud will be processed as per the applicable laws.
  14. Popular, its subsidiaries, publicity agencies, public relations agencies, and promotion agencies are not responsible for direct or indirect damages or losses sustained by participants, winners, relatives, or any person or property related to them as a result of participating in this Contest or the use and enjoyment of its prize. Any and all obligations the promoter may have with the prize winners will cease and be fully satisfied upon delivery of the prize.
  15. This Contest is subject to all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Popular may cancel and/or postpone this Contest for reasons beyond its control.
  16. If necessary, participants will accept any reasonable delays regarding notice to the winners, subject to any applicable laws and regulations.
  17. Participation in this Contest entails full agreement with all these rules. The rules of the Contest will be available at