Learn About Credit

Where do I begin? The process of planning your finances requires discipline and being honest with yourself. Although it may seem cumbersome at the beginning, it is not a complicated process.
The important thing is to begin.


To get a clear picture of your finances, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a budget. Register all the money you receive and document all your monthly payments
  2. Once you identify debts and savings, understand your financial reality..
  3. Evaluate and identify which of your expenses are needs and which are desires.

My credit

A good credit history is your letter of presentation when you apply for a car loan, a mortgage or a personal loan to solve home emergencies or go on vacation.

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Maintain a good credit

Follow these tips to develop good credit habits and improve your credit score.

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Protect your identity

Protecting your identity gives you control of your money. Identity theft occurs when a person steals your Social Security number, your credit account numbers and other personal information and begins making transactions in your name.

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