We promote a culture that inspires and rewards our employees according to their client service performance, innovative ideas, commitment to the organization and passion for excellence.

This recognition is done through innovative and competitive total compensation programs which include basic salary, bonuses, incentives or commission, profit sharing and a vast package of flexible benefits according to the particular needs of each employee.

Along with the basic salary, your contributions to achieving the goals of the organization are rewarded through the following benefits which help you plan for the present, without forgetting about the future.

Welfare Plans

Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Plan: Three plan options that include a basic dental plan and an optional dental plan paid by the employee.

Basic Life Insurance and AD&D: Four times the basic salary up to a maximum of $500,000.

Life Insurance for Spouse and Children (Option, paid 100% by the employee)

Spouse: Four times the annual salary of the employee up to a maximum of $200,000 

Children: $5,000 or $10,000 coverage available

Travel Insurance for Official Trips: Benefit according to the annual salary: 
< $10,000 $75,000
> $10,000 < $15,000 $100,000
> $15,000 < $30,000 $150,000
> $30,000 $250,000

Short Term Disability Insurance: 65% of the basic weekly salary 

Long Term Disability Insurance: 60% of the monthly salary from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $10,000

Retirement Plan

Savings and Investment Plan: It allows pre-tax contributions from 1% to 70% of the total cash compensation, and additional after-tax contributions of up to 10%.

Other benefits

Non - exempt: 15 days
Exempt: 18 days

Sick Days
15 days a year up to a maximum of 30

Personal Time
2 days

Financial services

Loans and Credit Cards with preferential rates

  • Visa
  • AMEX
  • Master Card

Offers and discounts in:

  • Popular Securities - investment products
  • Popular Auto - car leasing and financing
  • Popular Mortgage - mortgage products
  • Popular Insurance - insurance

Banking services

  • Free checking and deposit accounts
  • Multicuenta
  • Ahorro a Toda Hora
  • Automatic sign-up in the Premia Program
  • Free checks when ordering corporate style
  • Other services with discounts


Our total compensation structure is continuously evaluated and revised to insure that it's competitive and that it adapts to the evolving needs of the Corporation and its employees. The compensation elements described in this section may be modified, increased or eliminated according to this evaluation. The total compensation packages for the employees of each company are directly linked to business and financial results. We firmly believe in sharing these results with our employees, who are the ones directly responsible for them.