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Learn about the benefits of Mobile Easy Deposit

  • Available for clients with individual and/or commercial deposit accounts
  • Service available and free for users of Mi Banco Mobile App
  • 1Deposit 24/7 from anywhere
  • Receive confirmation of your deposit by email
Mobile Easy Deposit screen on iOS and Android

How to use Mobile Easy Deposit - Tutorial

Learn how to deposit checks with your phone at any time from wherever you are. Do more with Mi Banco Móvil.

More details

  • Deposit monetary limits: $10,000 per check, $10,000 daily in total and up to $20,000 in a 25-day period
  • Check deposit limits: maximum of 10 checks per day and 50 checks in a 25-day period

Limits for: Commercial clients, Premium Banking Services and Popular One

  • Monetary deposit limits: $25,000 per check, $25,000 total daily and up to $50,000 on a 25 day period
  • Check deposit limits: maximum of 20 checks daily and up to 50 checks in a 25 day period

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