Acceso Popular is an affordable account with a transactions section and a savings section that generates interests. 

Account Features:

  • $15 minimum deposit needed to open account.
  • Monthly fee of $3.00 if you do not receive e-Statement or a Direct Deposit in the statement period;
  • Monthly fee of $2.50 if you receive your statement through e-Statement in the statement period;
  • Monthly fee of $2.00 if you receive Direct Deposit in the statement period; or
  • Monthly fee of $1.50 if you receive e-Statement and a Direct Deposit in the statement period.
  • ATH® Card and ATH® International card.
  • Unlimited FREE transactions at over 600 Banco Popular ATM's.
  • Two sections under the same account number: one for transactions and another for savings.
  • Fixed interest rates in the savings section, if the average daily balance of the cycle is equal or greater than $500.
  • Savings protection tool: withdrawals from the savings section must take place at a branch.
  • Automatic transfers starting at $5.00 from the transaction section to the savings section.
  • Optional Reserve Line of Credit of up to $50,0001
  • Accumulate points in the PREMIA® Program2

Characteristics and Fees of the account Acceso Popular

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