What types of coverage are available?

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Comprehensive Coverage

Covers your vehicle for damage or loss not caused by accidents, minus the deductible. Includes hail, vandalism, flooding, and theft.

Collision Coverage

Covers the direct accidental loss of your vehicle, minus any applicable deductible.

Civil Liability Coverage

Covers against bodily injury or property damage claims brought by third parties against the policyholder, when the latter is liable as the result of an automobile accident.

Medical Payments Coverage

Covers reasonable expenses for medical services incurred as a result of bodily injury suffered by someone in an automobile accident.

Transportation Expense Coverage

Covers a pre-set car rental stipend when the vehicle has been stolen. Coverage is limited to a specified amount and period of time.

Road Assistance

Covers towing , tire changes, fuel delivery, locksmith, and others services that may be required.

Choose the alternative that's best for you
  car_insurance table Single
Liability Full Cover
Comprehensive Coverage   checkmark   checkmark
Collision Coverage   checkmark   checkmark
Civil Liability     checkmark checkmark
Medical Expense Coverage     checkmark checkmark
Transportation Expenses   checkmark   checkmark
Loan Balance
(Comp. & Collision)

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