Commercial Credit Protection Plan


Protect your credit line up to $ 100,000 with a Credit Protection Plan available for your FlexiLínea de Negocios ® or B-Smart ®.

Credit Protection Plans are optional insurance plans designed to protect your credit and stability of your business in case of an unexpected event. These plans:

  • Relieve loved ones or partners of a debt.
  • Are convenient, affordable and flexible.
  • Reduce or cancel the balance of your credit line.
  • Provide credit rating to survivor (s).
  • Registration is through a simple application.
  • Do not require medical tests.

You can choose between two types of coverages:

1) Life - If you (the insured) die, the Protection Plan will pay off the balance due on your FlexiLínea ® or Credit Line B-Smart ® up to $ 100,000. This benefit has a monthly premium of just $ 0.75 for each $1,000 average monthly balance in the credit line.

2) Life and Permanent Total Disability ($0.90 total both coverages) - If you (the insured) suffer permanent total disability that makes you unable to work, the Protection Plan pays off the outstanding balance on your FlexiLínea® or Credit Line B-Smart ® up to $ 100,000. To receive this coverage, you must have purchased the Life Insurance coverage. The additional monthly premium is only $ 0.15 for each $ 1,000 average monthly balance on the credit line. 

The monthly premium is determined based on the balance of your credit line and for your convenience it is debited monthly from your commercial account. 

Protect yourself today! It is easy and fast. Ask your Bank Consultant at the branch of your choice or call Chubb Insurance Company of Puerto Rico Customer Service at 1-855-223-7070.