When you buy a unit in a condominium, you take on different obligations from those of a homeowner.

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home ouners

Condominium Homeowners

Covers your personal property and any home improvements not protected by the Master Policy provided by the condominium’s association. You would also get Personal Liability coverage, which includes the defense of an attorney against covered incident claims. If you are renting out your condo unit, this policy is also recommended.

commercial condominium

Commercial Condominium

This policy should be acquired by the building’s homeowner's association. As an owner, you need to share in the risks and expenses related to this policy. This insurance may cover the building’s permanent structure, common areas, and even private elements, depending on the provisions in the condominium bylaws. It also covers the association’s Public Liability, providing protection against any damages caused in the building’s parks, pools, or terraces.


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Tips from our
Authorized Representatives

Your first purchase

Before shopping for the perfect couch, invest in an adequate set of storm shutters for your condo unit.

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Not a single drop

Check the plumbing in your property regularly. You could be held liable for damages caused to your neighbors if your condo unit is flooded, or even if there is only a leak.

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Get involved

You should actively participate in your association meetings, where they usually discuss the acquisition and renewal of the condominium commercial insurance policy. That way, you will be aware of what is and isn’t covered by the insurance selected.

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Prevention is key

Do you know what a loss assessment or apportionment is? It is the contribution requirement that arises from the shared responsibility for common spaces in your property. If a common area in the building is damaged or destroyed by a hurricane or earthquake, you could be facing several apportionments. You should consider acquiring an insurance endorsement to cover this risk.


Your help can make you liable

If you hired a housekeeper in your condo and an accident happens, you will be held liable for it. You need a policy from the State Insurance Fund Corporation to cover all housework categories.

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