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Tips from our
Authorized Representatives

Be a cautious homeowner

Don’t leave home without first making sure you’ve turned off all appliances, including the washing machine and dryer. If you’re planning to be away for a long period, shut off the water valves to prevent broken pipes.

Man repairing a washing machine

Do you have a pool?

Protect children and guests from accidents. Cover the area around your pool with a fence or mesh specially designed for this purpose.

Net to avoid accidents in pools with children

Pets under control

Pets are not only companions; they are also your responsibility. You will be held liable for any damages they cause to a person or property.

Barefoot kid playing in the grass with his dog

Make sure your home is a secure workplace

If you hire housekeepers and maintenance workers, you automatically become an employer. It is crucial that you have a State Workers Compensation policy from the State Insurance Fund Corporation to cover all work categories.

Hand with yellow gloves cleaning table with blue liquid

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