Your landlord’s insurance will cover the structure you’re occupying, but not the property inside of it.


Renter’s Insurance

This insurance will protect your belongings against natural disasters, such as fire, hurricanes, and earthquakes, among other.

Among the belongings you can protect:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances and electronic equipment
  • Clothes and others

It also includes a Personal Liability coverage to protect you from damages suffered by others (not your employees) inside the rented property, including legal defense against damages.

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Tips from Our Authorized Representatives:

The beginning

When you sign your lease agreement, ask your landlord to change all the locks in the property. Having a new set of keys will prevent previous tenants, or related individuals, from obtaining easy access to your new home.

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Start on the right foot

Ask your authorized insurance representative and your lawyer to check the provisions in your lease agreement in terms of your responsibility to pay or acquire an insurance policy.

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It’s your responsibility

If a visitor falls down the stairs or slips on a wet floor it is your responsibility. Get insured and protect your guests and visitors against accidents.

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Workers policy insurance

If you have domestic employees, you need to provide a safe workplace. It is essential for you to keep a policy from the State Insurance Fund Corporation up-to-date to cover all work categories.

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