Through visits and presentations, Populoso transmits his advice with stories, dances and songs.


Puerto Rico’s best-known corporate mascot

Works at Banco Popular de Puerto Rico

Age: 50 years

Populoso makes about 500 presentations a year.

Populoso has 15 costumes: casual, corporate, gala, baseball, judo, basketball player, beachgoer, golfer, superhero, Boy Scout, Santa Claus, Wise Man, athlete, Popular Anniversary and, of course, his Halloween costume.

We thank you for this gesture of love that you have so generously provided out students. People like you are the ones who make a difference in out day to day lives.

Ramonita Meléndez, Sociedad Pro-Niños Sordos de PR, Inc., Ponce

Thanks to your help we have once again made sure this activity, that is dedicated to the boys and girls that our organization caters to, was a complete success.

Ramfis J. Pérez, Lucha, Inc.

Fun Facts


The Populoso staff is composed of actors, leaders and educators certified to work with youngsters and children. Populoso is interpreted solely by theater actors who take great care in maintaining the bear’s personality and projection.

To request:

Participation requests are evaluated and answered within 2 or 3 business days after they are received.