Auto Loan

In Popular, we guide you to get the monthly payment you are looking for. Before visiting the dealership, ask our experts of Popular Auto for a pre-approval of your loan.


  • Auto loan up to 72 months1
  • Special offers through our dealers
  • Up to 10,000 points in PREMIA® program2 
  • 20% discount in auto and truck rental with Popular Auto3

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5.15% APR4

New Auto

6.25% APR5

Used Auto

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* Aproximate payment does not include No registration fees, license plate, maintenance, ACAA or some other type of insurance.

* The residual value may vary according to the year and model of the vehicle. At the end of your leasing contract an additional fee based on the value of the leased property and the residual value may be charged. It does not include fees such as: origination, registration, license, maintenance, ACAA, or any other type of insurance premiums.

Boat Loan

Competitive rates and payment alternatives that adjust to your budget, so you can purchase the boat you have always want it.


  • Same interest rate for new and used boats, refinancing or account transfers6.
  • Guidance to acquire the insurance7 policy that is adequate for your boat.
  • We coordinate the registration and documentation directly with the U.S. Coast Guard

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