​When you need money instantly, there are several options to consider - two of them are personal loans and credit cards. Both can help you for what you need, but
which one is better for you?


Credit Cards

  • Convenient when you don't have the money available for purchases of lower monetary amounts.
  • Supports your monthly needs, such as unanticipated and immediate situations.
  • Your line of credit is renewable. When you pay your balance within a specific amount of time, the Bank increases the available credit limit on your card.
  • As you pay off the credit card balance, the line of credit is available for use.
  • There are credit cards offers where you pay 0% interest on purchases when you pay off the entire debt before the offer ends.
  • More flexible monthly payments, depending on the balance.
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Personal Loans

  • Convenient when you need to borrow money long-term.
  • Get a fixed rate until the maturity of the loan, which is usually lower than that of a credit card.
  • Fixed monthly payments.
  • Good option to consolidate debts and lower interests of financial responsibilities.
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