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International ATH® Visa1 debit card now available on Samsung

Enjoy the benefits only Popular can give you. Now available with your International ATH® Visa and your Popular credit cards.2


Add your cards to your Samsung smartphone and make payments by tapping your phone at the POS terminal.

Secure Transactions

Stay secure with this service! A virtual token will substitute your actual card number to avoid releasing this information to commercial establishments or third parties.

Benefits and advantages:

  • You won’t have to take out or show your card.
  • Your card information will be encrypted.
  • Your fingerprint or security code will be required to complete the transaction.
  • Commercial establishments won’t need to store your payment information.
  • If you lose your phone, you can immediately disable Samsung Pay remotely.

See Samsung Pay FAQs.

How to activate and use your cards with Samsung Pay

International ATH® Visa

Credit Cards

Learn more about our Visa and Mastercard credit cards and International ATH® Visa debit cards.

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