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There are many alternatives to buy, refinance or get a second mortgage.

To buy:

There are options that may require little or no down payment, and those that offer low interest rates. When evaluating your application, the Bank will consider: how will you use the property, the time you've been in your current job, your assets and other factors.

To refinance:

When evaluating a refinancing or second mortgage application, the Bank evaluates your needs, future plans and the status of your current loan, among other considerations.

What you need to apply for a loan

We'll ask you for several documents, including:

  • Evidence of income
  • Bank statements as evidence of assets
  • Property deed
  • Cadastral number (from CRIM)
  • Purchase contract (if applicable)

Required documents depend on the type of loan you apply for.

Each situation is different

Our Mortgage Experts will guide you to the best options for you. After the initial orientation and getting some facts from you, they may present you a Good Faith Estimate offering you a clear idea of what your loan option should be, with no obligation from your part.

After completing the application

We will guide you about the upcoming steps, such as the visit from the appraiser, the surveyor, the title study and any other that you wish to clearly understand.

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