You value many things in life. Having the assurance that all are protected at all times will give you peace in mind.

Feel the peace of mind of knowing that everything you value is well protected. The licensed team at Popular Risk Services prepares a detailed analysis with specific recommendations to address identified risks, regarding your personal or business affairs. To protect your capital, you benefit from diverse insurance solutions through life, disability, annuities, title, personal and commercial property and business interruption policies, among others.

Available Services

A risk management program is an essential element for reaching your financial goals. Your personalized plan could incorporate the following services:

  • Analysis of needs based on your financial strategy:
    • This personalized analysis helps you identify your potential exposure to losses in each category: property, liability, loss of use or income, personal risks.
    • This helps us forecast the probability of losses in each category and gauge their consequences in order to identify the best options to address them.
  • Analysis of your current insurance policies: If you already have an insurance product, our team will evaluate your current coverage to quantify additional insurance needs, if any.
  • Review contractual requirements for insurance: After identifying exposure to losses, our experts will recommend sound insurance solutions to meet contractual obligations related to leases, service, and financing contracts, among others.
  • Cost-effective risk transfer and control of losses: We recommend effective avenues to reduce, eliminate and prevent specific risks and provide the right insurance solutions to cover those risks.
  • Claims management: We serve as a liaison between you and your insurer to help resolve claims promptly.

Business Continuity and Succession Plan

If you have your own business, the Popular Risk Services’ specialized group can help in the development of a plan, providing you the security that your business will continue to operate and generate income in the case of retirement, incapacity or death of a partner, investor or key employee.

A succession plan aims to establish strategies to achieve the continuity or transfer of a business in a variety of situations, whether voluntary or involuntary. A well-designed succession plan helps protect the capital of the business and your family; protect the business against interruptions in the event of retirement, incapacity, divorce, bankruptcy or death of the owners and achieve an orderly transition. Some alternatives available are:

Business Buy and Sell Agreement

If your business is composed of various partners or investors, it is essential to plan what to do in the event any of them becomes disabled or dies. Our experts at Popular Risk Services can provide orientation on the different insurance products that allow:

  • The firm to purchase the deceased owner’s participation from his or her family.
  • The rest of the owners assume full control of the company and prevent the heirs to actively participate in the company’s decisions.

Life Insurance for your Family

Life insurance plays an important role in the future of your family and the protection of your home. Simply consider the costs that your family may face if you are gone: mortgage, personal and auto loan costs; credit card debt; educational costs for your children; and medical expenses. A life insurance policy is important; it provides your family the funds needed to cover the expenses that arise and maintain their standard of living.