Receive consulting from a highly qualified team, in which you can trust all your investments. Popular Securities 1 helps you to look to the future with peace of mind, by offering you:

  • Diversified portfolios through our managed account program
  • Fixed Income sales & trading
  • Investment banking and valuation services

We analyze your financial goals and investment 2 objectives, and create a tailored investment plan, that fits your needs.

Our range of investment products includes:

  • Local, domestic and international securities
  • Access to professional portfolio managers
  • Popular Family of Funds (open-end funds)
  • Structured products
  • Retirement management products (Keogh Plans)
  • Insurance solutions
  • Fixed and variable annuities

Types of Investment Accounts2

At Popular Securities, we offer the following accounts:

  • Traditional brokerage account
  • Managed Accounts using independent portfolio managers, with the support of the Popular Securities Advisory Group (PSAG)

PSAG is a group of professionals who provide investment advisory services including, among others:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of existing assets
  • Development of an investment policy
  • Creating a strategy for your investment portfolio
  • Portfolio management, including periodic reviews of your account
  • Asset allocation that is aligned with your risk tolerance and goals

Other Products2

Popular Securities Investors Plus is a checking account tied to your Popular Securities investment account that enables the use of balances in your money market account.

The Popular Securities Investors Plus and ATH International Visa Platinum cards enable you to:

  • Rapidly access your money through a wide network of automatic teller machines and bank branches
  • Make any type of payment or purchase via check or the ATH International Visa Platinum card3
  • Obtain outside financing4
  • Access brokerage accounts online through Mi Banco Online
  • Unlimited checking with the first order of checks provided free of charge; orders of subsequent checks vary in cost based on design and shipping