Security in your accounts

We focus on protecting your information and your transactions by maximizing security to prevent fraud.
Here you will find the programs and services we have for this purpose:

What we do to protect you?

  • Our security systems encrypt your information, turning it into a code to safeguard it from being accessed by others.
  • Your social security number is considered classified information and illegal disclosure is prohibited.
  • To protect your purchases and withdrawals at ATMs in Puerto Rico, the United States and other destinations, we require you to put a PIN number on your cards.
  • We constantly review ATM transactions and points of sale to mitigate the risk of fraud. If your cards have been compromised, we will send you a new one with a new number.

We recommend you activate the following services
for better control of your finances:

Want to know more about how to prevent fraud?

Visit our Help Center for questions like:

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