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Debit & Credit Card Security

We have the technology and services that allow us to give you the best protection.
We alert you as soon as we detect that a third party has attempted to make
unauthorized transactions with your cards.

How do we protect you against fraud?

  • As soon as we learn of a possible fraud or compromised card, we will send you a new card with new number.
  • Your credit cards are equipped with chip technology to minimize the risk of fraud due to falsification when you use them in automatic teller machines or points-of-sales.
  • To keep you informed regarding the use of your card, activate Mi Banco Alerts. We will send you a text message, indicating the place of the transaction, the quantity and time of the purchase, in real time. To receive alerts, you must be enrolled in Mi Banco Online
  • Verified by Visa provides additional protection to your online purchases when you pay with your International ATH® Visa card. Verified by Visa requests data and security questions to complete your purchases. That way, we prevent unauthorized parties from completing transactions in your name.
  • We have electronic tools to guarantee the confidentiality of your information, as required by our Privacy Policy, our internal processes and the law.
  • Pay with your mobile using Samsung Pay. This way we maintain your information secured, and we guarantee the protection of each transaction.
  • With On the alert we notify you of unusual transactions through a text message or phone call to check if you originated the transaction. This prevents any fraudulent activity in your credit line.

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