Your cards are protected by the latest technology.

How you stay protected:

  • Do not lend your debit or credit card to anyone.
  • Take the receipts of purchases made using your credit or debit card and check them against the monthly account statement; and immediately report any unauthorized charges.
  • In case of possible fraud or if a card has been compromised, you will receive another card with a new number.
  • Your debit and/or credit card has chip technology to minimize the risk of fraud through forgery or cloning.
  • Contactless technology protects your cards with advanced security measures using a processing system that generates a unique code to guarantee each transaction’s authenticity.
  • Sign up for Mi Banco Alerts and you will receive real-time text message notifications with each transaction’s location as well as the purchase amount and the time when it was made.
  • Verified by Visa gives additional protection on online purchases when you use your ATH® International Visa credit or debit card.
  • You are protected with electronic tools to guarantee the confidentiality of your information, as required by our Privacy Policy, our internal processes and the law.
  • Use Mobile Wallets and your information will be secure, and every transaction will have guaranteed protection.
  • The On the Alert service informs you about unusual credit card transactions by sending a text message or generating a call.
  • Limit the number of cards and other personal information you carry in your wallet or purse. Keep copies of your cards (both sides) so that you may have the phone numbers to call and report the issue in case of a loss or theft.
  • Notify us immediately if you lose your card or it is stolen. See the disclosures on electronic funds transfers for additional information on what to do when a card is lost. If you don’t have the disclosures on hand, you can access them in the Terms & Conditions in
  • Cancel all inactive credit card accounts. If you requested a replacement card and did not receive it, call us to cancel it.

How to activate Mi Banco Alerts?

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If you have identity theft suspicions or concerns or if you’d like to report lost or stolen cards, visit our Contact Center.

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