Your cards are protected by the latest technology.

How you stay protected:

  • In case of possible fraud or if a card has been compromised, you will receive another card with a new number.
  • Your debit and/or credit card has chip technology to minimize the risk of fraud through forgery or cloning.
  • Sign up for Mi Banco Alerts and you will receive real-time text message notifications with each transaction’s location as well as the purchase amount and the time when it was made.
  • Verified by Visa gives additional protection on online purchases when you use your ATH® International Visa credit or debit card.
  • You are protected with electronic tools to guarantee the confidentiality of your information, as required by our Privacy Policy, our internal processes and the law.
  • Use Mobile Wallets and your information will be secure, and every transaction will have guaranteed protection.
  • The On the Alert service informs you about unusual credit card transactions by sending a text message or generating a call.

How to activate Mi Banco Alerts?

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If you have identity theft suspicions or concerns or if you’d like to report lost or stolen cards, visit our Contact Center.

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