We offer the easy management of your banking products through internet banking, better known as: Mi Banco Online.
We are concerned about your security, Mi Banco Online has services that guarantee that your information is protected against fraud and theft.

How we protect you?

  • We ask for three security questions to authenticate your login.
  • We have a firewall system that helps us block unwanted connections to our networks.
  • When you log in, we encrypt your information with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to prevent theft or fraud.
  • We have fraud prevention specialists who constantly review any unusual activity in your accounts, and alert you in case you need to take immediate action.
  • We run frequent tests to ensure there are no vulnerabilities.
  • We keep you informed about all the transactions you make, such as:
    • Confirming payments and transfers
    • Modified or deleted payments in process
    • Modified transfers in process
  • We alert you about:
    • Any changed or blocked passwords or security questions
    • Updates to your email, phone number, or address
    • Update the phone number in Mi Banco Text
    • Logs in from a new device

To protect yourself even more, visit Mi Banco Alerts and get to know more about our services.

Want to know more about how to prevent fraud?

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