Activate 2-Step Verification
in Mi Banco

As you read this sentence,
a hacker can guess over 100 million passwords.

A good password is not enough

Automated models or bots are being maliciously utilized to crack passwords used in social-media accounts, online stores, and internet banking, among others. Your information and credentials could be compromised if a hacker manages to crack your password and gains access to your accounts.

2 Step Verification

As part of the measures to continue reinforcing security in Mi Banco, all users are required to activate 2 Step Verification.

By activating it, if we ever detect unusual activity in your profile when logging in to Mi Banco, you will receive an authentication code via text message, email or by call to your mobile phone. This second step protects you if a scammer tries to access your account.

This will be the authentication process once you activate 2 Step Verification:

  • Access Mi Banco and enter or confirm your username
  • If you have Face ID or Touch ID, you must authenticate. Enter the code you will receive via text message or by call to the phone you registered (you can add alternate phones)
  • If you don't have Face ID or Touch ID, you must enter your password

Protect yourself from fraud

Visit our Help Center for frequently asked questions about 2-Step Verification.

Stay alert

If you detect unusual activity on your debit card, call us at 787-773-5100. For credit cards, call us at 787-777-8464.

Learn how to stay protected.