ATH® Cards

  • With your Banco Popular account you will have access to more than 600 ATMs to make transactions. You will also enjoy quick and secure access to your balances on any of our more than 300,000 ATMs around the world.
  • You can make purchases in over 50 businesses across the United States with your ATH®. You will also be able to withdraw money in businesses and ATMs affiliated to the PLUS network.
  • Withdraw cash, transfer money, check balances and pay for services and goods.
  • Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Mi Banco Online, TeleBanco Popular®, TelePago Popular®
  • Activate your new ATH® in just seconds, at home or work, by accessing Mi Banco Online. Go to “Account Services” to access the activation module.
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ATH® International Visa debit card

Access your checking accounts anywhere, anytime around the world.

  • Use it in over 13 millions establishments around the world where the Visa card is accepted and at over 600 automatic teller machines throughout the island.
  • Automatic debit from your deposit account, similar to debits from your regular ATH® debit card.
  • Access your Banco Popular credit and checking account details 24 hours a day online through Mi Banco, TeleBanco Popular®, and TelePago Popular®.
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Convenience and Security

  • You control your debit card. You can lock and unlock its use from Mi Banco Mobile with the ON/OFF tool. Learn more
  • Learn here about the benefits offered by the ATH® International Visa chip card.
  • Banco Popular provides Verified by Visa: a service that provides you additional security when you make purchases through the internet with your Banco Popular Visa card.
  • Enjoy quick and safe access to your funds and purchases with your ATH® International Visa card, anywhere Visa cards are accepted or Plus® symbols are displayed.

Prepaid Cards

Learn about our prepaid cards:

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