Now you can go to a Popular branch to purchase stamps, vouchers and registration stickers, pay traffic fines and cash in your coins. Do everything in a single stop!

Purchase your registration sticker

Service available at all branches.

To purchase your registration sticker you need:

  • 2 copies of the vehicle's license
  • Copy of the driver's license of the vehicle owner
  • Inspection Certificate*
  • Proof of Public Liability Policy
  • If you don’t have a private insurance, you can choose a Public Liability Policy at your branch.1

*If your vehicle was manufactured two or less than two years ago, you don’t need the Inspection Certificate.

Service charge: $5.

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Pay traffic fines to your vehicle or driver’s license without charges for this service.

Service available at all branches.

Traffic tickets must be registered and visible on the Departamento de Transportación y Obras Públicas (DTOP) data system.

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Windshield with a traffic ticket

Purchase stamps and vouchers from the Department of the Treasury without service charges.

Service available in more than 125 branches.

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Quantity Income Digital Stamps and Vouchers Manual (Document is only available in Spanish)
Representative illustration of a Puerto Rican stamp

Exchange coins easily, quickly and economically.

Service available in 25 branches

1. Add coins to the exchange coins machine.2
2. When the machine is done counting, you'll receive a voucher
3. Give the voucher to a bank representative to:
 - Deposit it to your account
 - Exchange it for cash

If you're a Banco Popular client, a service charge of 5% will apply. If not, there will be a 9% service charge.

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Group of coins