Direct Deposit is a service of Banco Popular by which your paycheck, pension or social security check is automatically deposited into your bank account. Is the fastest and most convenient way to receive your funds.


  • Free
  • Fast: Avoid long lines when depositing or cashing your check.
  • Reliable: Eliminate the possibility of theft or of losing your check.
  • Accessible: Your salary will be available in cash, early on payday morning.
  • Convenient: You will always receive your check on payday, even if you are on vacation or away from your office. 

Register today for Direct Deposit. Ask your employer or request it from your Retirement System. For your convenience, we provide a printable version of the Direct Deposit Authorization form. Fill it out and hand it in to your employer's Human Resources office or to your Retirement System.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form in Adobe Acrobat PDF.

To obtain the Direct Deposit authorization sheet for federal employees, please visit the branch of your choice.