Direct Payment

Debited monthly payments

A convenient way of making your monthly payments without having to stand in line at the bank or spend on stamps, checks or envelopes to send payments by mail. Also, it is the most efficient way to make sure you do not fall behind on your loan’s monthly payments. Your checking or savings account is automatically debited with your monthly payment on the date you select.

Loans without guarantee:

You will save 0.50% in interest when you sign up for Direct Payment once your new loan is disbursed or you renew your loan, and if you have or open any of the following products of Popular: a deposit account (MultiCuenta®, MaxiPremium®, Popular Plus® and PMA®) or with the approval and acceptance of a credit card or a Reserve Line of Credit.

Loan with guarantee:

You will save 0.25% in interest by signing up for Direct Payment.

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