Ahorro Directo is the new FREE service from Banco Popular that helps you increase your savings while you buy.

With Ahorro Directo, every time you buy with your Banco Popular ATH®, the total sum is rounded off to the next dollar, and the difference is deposited automatically to your savings account.1

Simple, easy, and free. When you shop everyday with your Banco Popular ATH® cards, your savings grow.

Ahorro It lets you save while you make your purchases with your Banco Popular ATH®cards. When you subscribe to this new service, every time you make a purchase at a point of sale (POS) with your Banco Popular debit cards, we will round off the total cost of the purchase to the nearest dollar and the difference will be credited automatically from your checking account to the savings account(s) that you designate. Saving has never been this easy!

ATH® purchases in one day

Purchase Spent on point of sale Rounded to the next dolar Transfer to your savings account
Drugstore $10.40 $11.00 $.60
Groceries $32.50 $33.00 $.50
Lunch $4.99 $5.00 $.01
  $1.11 in savings

You can choose up to four savings accounts to make your transfers. The quantity of the transfer will

What does it require?

You need only the following:

  • Checking account
  • ATH® card from Banco Popular
  • Savings account

Ahorro Directo is completely FREE! Sign up today at any of our branches, or call TeleBanco Popular ®
at 787-724-3659 o 1-888-724-3659.

What are the benefits?

Ahorro Directo has many:

  • It's FREE
  • You save automatically
  • The easiest way to grow your savings

How do I sign up?

Visit any of our branches, or call TeleBanco Popular® at 787-724-3659 o 1-888-724-3659.

Frequently asked questions

How many checking accounts can I register?
You can register all the checking accounts you want, as long as they have an ATH® card from Banco Popular.

How many accounts can I register?
You can register up to four savings accounts. The amount of the transfer will be proportionally divided between the accounts that are register.   You don’t have to be the owner of the accounts that you register.

When is the transfer debited from the checking account and credited to the savings account(s)?
The transfer will be made from the checking account at the end of the business day in which the purchase transaction is processed.

If I do not have enough funds in my account for the rounding off to the nearest dollar.  will My account be overdrawn?
No, your account will not be overdrawn because the transfer will be cancelled.

Will you use my reserve account for the transfer of funds?
No. The transfers will only be made from the available balance in your checking account.

Know more


  • Purchases made at points of sale (POS) are eligible.
  • Electronic withdrawals to ATH Internacional accounts or numbers are not eligible.
  • All purchases made with ATH® cards tied to the same account are eligible.
  • If the purchase is made on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the transfer will be processed on the next business day when the transaction is processed.

Purchase Returns

  • The corresponding transfer to that purchase will not be returned. The money from the Ahorro Directo transfer will remain in the service’s registered savings account(s).