Collection Services


Collection Efforts

This service helps you collect on checks returned for insufficient funds.


  • Reports that detail status of collection efforts. 
  • Register of checks in collection process. 
  • Reports of collected checks. 
  • Reports of uncollected checks. 
  • Transaction history of paid checks. 
  • Notification through our Web Cash Manager service or through mail.

Collection Efforts on Returned Checks from Banco Popular

Each day we verify the balance of the issuing person´s account. When funds are available to cover the amount of the check, we clear the check and credit your business account.

Collection Efforts on Returned Checks from Another Bank

Returned checks are re-deposited one week after the date they were returned. 

Electronic File of Returned Checks

Accelerates the process of collecting returned checks. Your company will periodically receive detailed information on returned checks via file transmission. 

Electronic Redeposit

Through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, Banco Popular reprocesses returned checks due to insufficient funds. The funds will be available to your company while Banco Popular seeks to clear them.

For more information regarding our Collection Services, call the International Banking Center at 788-723-7210 or 787-723-7216.