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Your Premium Banker, together with specialized personnel from Popular Securities1, will evaluate your financial goals and risk tolerance to create an appropriate portfolio for you.

Some of our investment products and services are:


Retirement Plans2

Life expectancy is increasing and therefore, we will need more money for our retirement years. Personal or business retirement plans allow you to save and invest money, taking advantage of applicable tax benefits.

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Mutual Funds1

These are investment instruments that offer the possibility of obtaining good diversification and growth opportunities, according to your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

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These financial instruments allow you to accumulate investment capital and receive periodic income.

  • Fixed annuities are generally appropriate for individuals who are interested in a fixed interest rate for a set period of years, with no exposure to stock market risk.
  • Variable annuities are appropriate for clients seeking to supplement their income as part of their retirement planning and who can bear the market’s risks and fluctuations.
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