Donations and Sponsorships



The Corporate Donations Program supports projects aimed at improving the environment and economic development initiatives to accelerate the sustained growth of established businesses. We evaluate applications from non-profit organizations whose requested funds are used to support programs, projects or initiatives that are aligned with our focus areas:


  • Reforestation projects seeking to improve the quality of air, life and counteract climate change.
  • Initiatives focusing on the protection and conservation of species, forests, and ecosystems, and the care of the environment to stop the loss of biodiversity.
  • Efforts designed to promote access to solar energy.

Entrepreneur Acceleration

  • Initiatives aimed at accelerating growth and export of established businesses through specialized mentoring programs with reach throughout the island.


  • We support events that provide innovative experiences for the brand, that foster business relationships, support diversity and inclusion, amplify the sense of community, promote education and culture, encourage sports, and develop the island’s economy.
  • We consider sponsorship proposals that provide exclusivity in the financial institutions category and create an opportunity to reinforce our products and services, appreciation for our clients, among other aspects.


  • We will only evaluate proposals sent electronically, using the following form, as applicable:
  • We consider proposals for donations and sponsorships that are aligned with our areas of focus.
  • Proposals must be sent and received at least three months in advance before the event for which sponsorship or donation is requested.
  • Non-profit organizations that are awarded donations will be asked to provide a report on how the donations were used and the effort’s impact on the community.
  • All sponsorship proposals must complete a questionnaire on promotion, advertising, and attendance results.
  • The following criteria are excluded from the donation and/or sponsorship guidelines1:
    • Contributions and/or assistance to individuals
    • Event expenses
    • Travel expenses outside Puerto Rico (individuals or groups)
    • Uniforms and materials for sports teams
    • Student, cultural, sports or community trips
    • Beauty pageants
    • Production of films, documentaries, plays, music CDs / DVDs
    • Book publishing
    • Transportation for events
    • Graduation awards or expenses
    • Political party projects
    • Among others