Proposal Guidelines


Guidelines for proposal presentations

  • We require a minimum of three months to receive proposals in order to coordinate them in time.
  • We only accept online proposals submitted through our website. To submit your proposal, complete the following application form:
    • For nonprofit organizations: Application Form
    • For other organizations or companies: Application Form
    • The following activities will not be eligible to receive contributions:
      • Help for individuals
      • Trip expenses (Individuals or Groups)
      • Operational expenses
      • Beauty Contests
    • Other criterions apply. We reserve the right to modify these guidelines and make exceptions.


  • We contribute to charities and nonprofit organizations that contribute to strengthen and better our community.
  • Organizations which receive cash grants must provide a report describing how the funds were used and its impact on the community to be eligible for future requests.


  • We sponsor events, conventions and tournaments which enables us to differentiate and reinforce our brand’s image.
  • We prefer to invest in events which offer exclusivity right in financial institutions category and that provide opportunity to develop customer appreciation initiatives for clients.
  • Organizers or promoters must provide a report of promotional and publicity results and assistance to the event.

Steps to follow to complete Popular Inc.’s application for Sponsorships and Donations:

1. Entities that have not created a user account must create a  User Account using a valid email address that is of general use to the organization. Creating this account will allow you to manage the application process and access the history of previous applications. Future applications will also be stored and accessed through this account.

It is important that the password used to create the User Account be stored and known by every employee of the organization that should need access to the application form.

The online application can be completed throughout the course of several days. To store an application that has already been started, you must first have a User Account where the same shall be stored.

2. After creating a User Account you will be able to access the application form. Those applicants that already have a User Account and wish to start a new application can access it directly.

Effective January 2011 Popular will only accept online applications for donations and sponsorships.