Retirement Snap

Receive specialized assistance to design your retirement strategy.

Planning for retirement is very important

Knowing how on-track you are for retirement is an essential step towards financial well-being, regardless of your current life stage. Through Retirement Snap1, our team of specialists is available to offer specific recommendations and help design your retirement strategy. 

Act as soon as possible, because there are several aspects that have accelerated the importance of planning for retirement, such as:

Constant increase in the cost of living due to inflation

Longer life expectancy

Unexpected events that could affect retirement savings

Legislative changes that could affect your retirement strategy

Retirement recommendations based on your reality

Retirement Snap takes the following factors into account:

Risk tolerance

Investment risk tolerance level, considering your objectives, time horizon, income capacity, and liquidity.

Sources of income for retirement

Sources of income for retirement, including retirement plans, Social Security, and other sources such as individual retirement accounts (IRAs2), investments, and bank deposits.

Tax status

Change in tax status, which may vary based on post-retirement income.

Financial needs

Financial needs, including income, expenses, and necessary assets to maintain your pre-retirement lifestyle.

Financial objectives

Financial objectives such as having enough money for a comfortable retirement, traveling around the world or any other personal goal.

Cost of living

Cost of living variations, including housing, food, clothing, transportation, utilities, and medical expenses, among others.

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