Celebrating 130 years together

The progress of our customers, colleagues and communities has always been our goal. Get to know the stories that capture the essence and impact of Popular through 130 years of history.

Popular has pursued financial inclusion for over a century, focusing its efforts on placing people at the center of progress, enabling customers to achieve their goals, and aiding in the economic enhancement of their communities. Learn more about how it has evolved to make banking accessible to all.

 Popular has consistently strived not only to provide a space where clients can trust their finances, but also to create an environment where employees can experience human warmth and appreciation for their work.

Founded in 1978, Hera Printing Corp. is one of the most prominent printing companies in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. In an era where digital seems to triumph over physical, Ricardo and don Luis keep their faith in printing, providing a service of excellence and superior-quality, creative and unique products.

Owning a house, having a home, is undoubtedly significant in Puerto Rican culture. From its beginnings, Popular placed great importance to this tradition. This is one of the reasons why it is a leader in the mortgage industry today.

Founded in 1954 as the first private pathology laboratory, Puerto Rico Pathology has forged a reputation as one of the leading pathology laboratories in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Since its inception, Popular has been instrumental for Puerto Rico's economy, especially when it comes to commercial development. This focus has earned it the nickname “the people’s bank.” Learn more about the importance of supporting businesses for the island’s economic development.

From modern bathroom vanities to opulent shower panels and kitchen cabinets, AZC through Mediterráneo is providing products designed and distributed in Puerto Rico in all local Home Depot stores.

At the end of the 19th century, when innovative changes were emerging in fields like the sciences, communications, and social structure, a bank was founded in Old San Juan that would also change the history of Puerto Rico.

Gaby Mini Donas is a local company that for nearly 30 years has been satisfying the palate- and the hearts- of Puerto Ricans with its iconic donuts, made right in front of you. Learn about the origins of this famous treat and how Popular helped make this dream come true.

Rolling Banks

Did you know that Popular's rolling banks revolutionized savings habits in Puerto Rico? In 1951, Popular took its first rolling branch to Fort Buchanan, and from 1957 to 1971, seven rolling buses served 21 municipalities.